The JoyJoy! Story

JoyJoy! Watches launched in August 2014 as a small grassroots company, immediately gaining popularity in the core surf market and in boutiques in LA, New York, Miami, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas and beyond. Inside 12 months the brand had spread to over 300 boutiques in the US, 60+ surf shops along the coasts.
JoyJoy! is a Patented interchangeable silicone watch brand. The true magic of the JoyJoy! Brand is the unique & compelling nature of the product. The ability to make people stop, notice, and engage in conversation about art, color, and fashion.  That experience leads to positive energy, spreading joy, and contagious happiness. You will feel the great energy when you wear your first JOYJOY! Watch,
JoyJoy! offers 70+ uber fun printed and solid watch bands that interchange with five unique watch face colors. The watches display: day, date, time, military time, alarm, stopwatch, and 7 LED backgrounds. JoyJoy! Is also water resistant to 30 meters.
Tell YOUR story by mixing unlimited combinations of one-of-a-kind printed, patterned, and solid colored watch bands and watch heads. Our goal is to create amazing watch accessories that spread joy and happiness. Our watches are fun, functional and stylish. They perform well in many conditions including watersports and athletic training.  JoyJoy! is for everyone. This unique product was built with the two of the most important elements of nature in mind: Time and Art.
Time is a grounding force that binds all of mankind.  Time is an international language that is a part of the fundamental structure of the universe.  Many elements of time are still a mystery to the human race.  So while we try to figure it out, let’s have fun and make beautiful ART with it.
Art can be defined as “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination” As artists ourselves, we’ve created a unique system of accessories that push these boundaries. We’ve created the ultimate wearable ART. You can express unlimited combinations of creative skill straight from YOUR imagination. YOU can wear your own ART.
So as you start building your own JoyJoy! collection, we ask the question….
How do you JoyJoy?!